Tuesday 28 October 2014

Lights, camera, action

Along the Jukskei River you will find a quaint cottage nestled between trees. A man and his dog lives there.

Ryan Findlay from o.t.b design calls himself an assemblage artist. The Wikipedia definition is the making of three dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.

He finds poetry in the fact that some unwanted item get a second life.

His mobiles play with the idea of balance, movement, shadows and repetition. 
"Shape in repetition from pattern and pattern by definition is decorative."

His background in modelling and landscaping gives him a unique perspective when making his lights.

He understands the effect of light.  How light makes you feel but always with a sense of humour.


Saturday 27 September 2014

How to plant a pot


You want your plants to be happy, right?

So they need drainage.  Please make sure your pot has holes in the bottom.

Then you start with gravel at the bottom. 
Some riversand on top of that.
Then you put a material that only allows water to go through.
This step prevents the pottingsoil from falling out the bottom and also keeps the water that comes out the bottom cleaner.
Now you put bark based pottingsoil in.  This is good for drainage also.
Never plant in compost or clay soil from the garden.
The material at the top prevents the decorative stones from disappearing in the soil.

Happy plants

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Snake stories

This morning Wackhead Simpson aka Working System pranked a lady about a snake.  Funny.

This reminded me of my own snake story.  My one son loves animals.  Reptiles and spiders and snakes, but also "normal" pets like dogs.

So at one time we had a corn snake.  Sweet little thing.  I learned to pick it up with a facecloth.  I can see moms thinking me for this tip.  Remember, you can show no fear!  Nothing delights little boys more than knowing they freak you out by shoving a frog under your nose..

Anyway, back to the snake.  And what is the other things kids love?  Taking everything to school...  So I agreed one day.  Precautions were taken. 

Shortly after I dropped the kids off at school I got a call from the teacher.  The snake is not in the cage!  The teacher can hardly breathe.  And I am laughing so, I cannot type.

Now my next concern is my domestic worker.  See, snakes (and other things) like dark places.  So they escape when they can.  I do want my domestic worker to carry on working for me!  And I don't want her to find him!  So I rushed home and my domestic worker was fine.  We found the snake behind the bed or something.

But they where so worried at school!  Can you picture it?  I am sure great was the relief when I phoned and said the snake is at home.

Well, in the end the snake did the Great escape.  Never to be found again.  We had friends over around that time and they almost canceled.  We do have a wild garden... Maybe he became lunch for a bird, poor thing..

Saturday 9 February 2013

ladder shelf

Another first for The Pot Place!
This is something I have dreamed of having on the floor of The Pot Place.
And now it is here!
Completely made of recycled materials, this is so stylish and practical for our daily living.
What do you think?

Buddy Rhodes

Have I mentioned Buddy Rhodes?

I don't think so.

As you can see, well worth a mention.

Please Google him (I don't know you to put the links in yet)

Amazing furniture and pots made of cement.  A great finish and cool  colours!

Also on this photo is the new outdoor mirror and on the left is the light pot!

Yes, the white pot has a light inside it.  Now available at The Pot Place

See you soon.

Grass pots

Hallo to everyone that sees this.

I have such exciting decor news for you today.  This should really go viral!

Grass pots!

I believe artificial turf is going to be big news!

I wanted to cover my patio walls in it!  I saw it used in the shop on the floor..

What about covering a couch in it?

These puts are available at The Pot Place and very suitable for shopping malls and corporate builings.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Two stories in one day!

Me again.

Is it ok to write twice in one day?  I don't write often so hopefully you will grant me the pleasure.

Right now I am excited about outdoor mirrors!
They say a picture says a thousand words.

All I will say is " For Sale at The Pot Place"

See you there!